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All of our rental properties here at Bauer Property Management are SMOKE FREE!!! Fines and penalties will occur when we are made aware and you will be responsible for all smoke damage. Please keep in mind the City of Dickinson ordinance also indicates no smoking inside buildings. Please be considerate of other tenants and smoke outside only and discard cigarette butts properly.

Pet Friendly Rental Properties

To help tenants understand the “Pet friendly” options, below are a couple of ordinances from the City of Dickinson:

  • Section 5.08.014 Limitation on number of dogs and cats; permit to exceed limitation; kennels (a) No person shall harbor or keep more than three dogs and/or cats upon premises within the city which are owned or controlled by said person, except where permitted by the City Zoning Code and Dickinson Municipal Code October 2007 Page 8 of 14 unless a special use permit is obtained, if necessary pursuant to subsections (b).
  • Section 5.08.012 Disposition of dog or cat waste Every person having custody or control of a dog or cat on property other than his own shall be equipped to, and shall collect such dog’s or cat’s solid waste when eliminated. Any person having custody of a dog or cat on his premises shall not permit animal waste to accumulate on his/her property. (Ord. No. 857, § 1; Ord No. 1272 § 19; Ord No. 1332 § 10.)

So please help us keep our properties “pet friendly” and bottom line “Scoop the Poop”