To help tenants understand the “Pet friendly” options, below are a couple of ordinances from the City of Dickinson:

  • Section 5.08.014 Limitation on number of dogs and cats; permit to exceed limitation; kennels (a) No person shall harbor or keep more than three dogs and/or cats upon premises within the city which are owned or controlled by said person, except where permitted by the City Zoning Code and Dickinson Municipal Code October 2007 Page 8 of 14 unless a special use permit is obtained, if necessary pursuant to subsections (b).
  • Section 5.08.012 Disposition of dog or cat waste Every person having custody or control of a dog or cat on property other than his own shall be equipped to, and shall collect such dog’s or cat’s solid waste when eliminated. Any person having custody of a dog or cat on his premises shall not permit animal waste to accumulate on his/her property. (Ord. No. 857, § 1; Ord No. 1272 § 19; Ord No. 1332 § 10.)

So please help us keep our properties “pet friendly” and bottom line “Scoop the Poop”

Posted by: bauerpropertymanagement on April 12, 2017
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